When did humans start wearing clothes?

There are many schools of thought and belief about the origins of human beings. Some purely religious, some purely scientific, some mix of the two. Regardless of which school of thought, it seems obvious that the first human beings on this earth lived in warm climates. I suppose there are those who argue, but I'm proceeding on the assumption that early humans lived in a climate that was warm enough to keep alive without any kind of Clothing.

Pursuing this thoughtable to reveal the reasons humans began to wear clothes. For warmth and protection, especially when humans begin migrating to colder climates. Continuing along the line of human progress, the naked body became taboo and modesty came in the picture. It 'very easy to come up with some reasons for wearing clothes. But now the question: "When men began to wear dresses?"

Not a shocking question. Perhaps not a question that many people would think very important (orpossible) to get a response. But there are those who burn with the desire to have an answer to this question, believe it or not.

Groups of researchers have thought of possible ways to establish the approximate date of articles of Clothing. One idea says this could be determined by analyzing the date of origin of human body lice. The reasoning is that since man has thinning hair body, the only way human body lice could survive would be in Clothing. Suddenly seems awfully long for me. Whatlice jumping off an animal and chowing down on a human being? But the alleged serious research has been done with this premise.

So how to determine when body lice appeared on humans? Simple. Take a louse and make a modern day genetic analysis of it. One group has determined that the human body louse appeared about 107 thousand years ago, so the man began to wear around the same time. But nothing is so simple, not to mention the ancestral DNA of a louse, for another team of researchershas the same genetic analysis on the modern louse and determined that it appeared about 540 thousand years ago. The two groups are still haggling over it.

This is all according to some articles I've read on the Internet. Of course, reading something on the Internet does not make it so. It 'hard to believe that scientists would have bothered to invest effort, time and money on such a project. And think how many innocent body lice had to be sacrificed.

While I can not seeAll this, as ridiculous as it seems it is certainly possible that this research is successful. Especially when you consider these other areas of research, a handful of crazy research projects that I found while surfing the 'net:

Arm pit odor research.
Research to determine the relationship between beards and hierarchy.
Research to show that family nursery rhymes were written by aliens.

After reading these, the possibility of scientists hovering over a deadbody louse and extracting the DNA to determine when humans began to wear Clothing does not seem so farfetched. But if this research has taken place, I'm sorry to say I think it was a bad idea.

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Space Saver Clothes Hangers that you should have

Most people today own a large number of dresses in variety of styles and colors. It seems that women have more clothes than men. Clothes storage is your problem because of the large number of clothes you have now. If your clothes are not organized well, most of them probably get rough and only a few of them will be used by you. Your clothes limited storage will be overcome with the use of a bunch of space-savingCoat.

clothes hanger is a very useful tool in your closet and laundry work. They are already serving for decades without realizing their importance and the benefits that could be obtained from using them. They come in different types that you can choose. Most of them are made of wood, plastic, metal or bamboo. Some are a combination of wood and metal, plastic and metal or wood and plastic. Hangers are a good choice to make your closet or store moreattractive and organized. Their use can make a big difference in the longevity of your wardrobe and appearance of your of your wardrobe.

wooden hangers are sturdy enough to carry the weight of your order jackets and suits. They are not easy to bend or break. They could protect your clothes well made, why not get crossed up or tangled. The body itself can be bent which is excellent for your clothes, dresses and coats that need to keep their shape. They are usually found inand boutique hotels because they are more attractive. Avoid wooden hangers with sharp edges and "dirty" clips on the pads.

metal hooks are available in a variety of styles so that they can make the right choice for clothes that you want to hang. The good thing about them is that they are easy to bend and break than the old wire hangers in the past.

plastic hangers are inexpensive and a practical choice that you may have. They come in various colorsand styles that will suit your personality and needs of your boss .. You can organize your clothes in order using the specific color of a coat rack. With proper care, plastic hangers could last a lifetime.

There are clothes hanging on the market with even more innovative designs are available and a good space savers. Whatever the type of clothes hanger that you want to have, just make sure you are selecting only the highest quality of it for you not towasting time, money and effort.

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Maternity Clothes for the fashionable woman

Being pregnant is one of the most joyous and happy times in a woman's life, despite having to buy plus size maternity clothes is certainly something no woman really looks forward to. Having to buy plus sized clothes is bad enough, but plus sized clothes with room for a huge belly? Forget it, right? Fortunately, there are some fabulous plus size maternity clothes out there that are fashionable and can make you look great, no matter how or morein pregnancy can happen to be. Who says big girls can not look great in their clothes? Maternity fashions Plus companies that got a lot colder!

There are a lot of places that offer more than the size maternity fashions. Online shopping is a great tool to use when trying to find clothes that fit your style and form. However, it is a good idea to buy some of your clothes in person before buying on the internet. You want to check your size before ordering a lot of onlineshops. maternity clothes can differ from brand to brand and woman to woman. the body of every woman is different. For example, something labeled as a size 12 to six months may not be suitable, even if this is your size and month. Some women need something a bit 'of Baggieri, and some women even need smaller sizes. The only way to know for sure is to try to advance on a dressing room. After you are sure of your size, then start buying online. Remember, as far as the pregnancyadvanced, faster growing belly. Thus, elements that fit in a single week could not adapt to the next. Be sure to verify that your internet store offers a money back guarantee on returns. This ensures that if it does not fit, you can get your money back, plus the size or smaller.

Pregnant women do not feel good as they seem. Most pregnant women have heard that they are "on fire" several times. Be the motto that everyone says when you feel fatter;However, realistically there are a lot of hormones that pregnant women who produce them look more attractive. Your hair is shiny, the nails grow faster, and your skin is smoother and more alive. Plus size maternity clothes should make you feel like you're an attractive woman. They should compliment your growing body of fitting your ever-changing form correctly. The right clothes can make you feel nice and safe.

Nobody ever said that she is pregnanteasy, and plus size maternity clothes are one of the most difficult aspects of being pregnant. However, they are pretty easy to find if you know where to look and designers are coming out with some nice clothes and dresses for women with children. Check it out and see for yourself!

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Chihuahua making clothes crochet

If you want to create clothes that Chihuahua is only then try to make a chihuahua clothes crochet. Most of the styles that are available on the market are made from fabric. If you want your Chihuahua to be different from trying to do this project.

You'll need these materials for this project: a model for Clothing crochet Chihuahua (you can buy these in your local library or search the net), a crochet hook, a ball and crochet yarn.

If you are a beginnerfamiliar with terms like single crochet (SC), double crochet (dc), half double crochet (HDC), triple (TR), crochet, half treble (HTC), pour point (ss), and the chain (ch) . These are the first few basic terms that you encounter.

When choosing a crochet hook, choose one that fits as for the indicator in the model. For the ball to hook or yarn, you can choose the colors you want or you can simply choose a color for your clothes Chihuahua. MakeMake sure the ball or crocheted yarn you choose is made of cotton. This material does not make your dog itch that is preferable. However, if you want to choose other materials, from cotton, you could do it. But if your dog develops an allergic reaction to it, then stop using on your dog just before the hair begins to fall.

A good thing to do crochet Clothing Chihuahua is that you get to experiment with other colors. It might take a while 'time to finish, but the result of this project is pretty amazing. If you choose to stick to a color, you may do so. The trick there is to be creative enough to add some 'life to the clothing of your dog.

With this type of project, rest assured that your dog will really stand out. And 'only at the same time stylish fashion.

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Citing Handmade Barbie Clothes

Remember that playing with dolls when you were a child? If you were like me, you had a Barbie doll or two in your box of toys. Barbie was introduced in 1959 by a lady named Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel). Ruth named the doll after her daughter, Barbara. In 1961, Ruth created Barbie's boyfriend, the Ken doll, named after his son. Now, almost half a century later, Barbie is still in the hearts and boxes of toys for children (and adults) around the world.

Our children today have more toysthan ever. electronic toys, video game systems, iPods and computers are just the beginning. So much has changed in the world of toys from when we were children, but one thing has not changed is the simple love of the Barbie doll. Barbie now has new friends, new clothes, a new house, and even more new pet of her 40 years ago. However, girls still enjoy dressing up Barbie dress up and play his fantasy life during recess.

My grandmother was a seamstress.She would sew beautiful clothes and accessories for my collection of Barbie dolls. I had a suitcase full of her handmade creations and the children of the neighborhood would come over so you can dress the dolls. I loved the fabric selection and identifying the styles of Clothing. Although I do not even realize at the time, the clothes she made for my dolls were better quality than anything I could buy in a store.

As a teenager I became interested in sewing. Because my grandmother hadpast, I was left to teach me to sew. I spent hours and hours in front of my Kenmore sewing machine resulting in beautiful creations. E 'come so natural to me. Over the years I've created clothes for me and my family, window dressings, furniture and decorative elements. Later I spent about 5 years to make changes prêt-à-porter for the general public. Then about 10 years ago, a dear friend gave me the greatest gift of birthday … a Barbie doll. Let me tell you, it wasnever too old to get a Barbie doll!

While going through some old boxes during our last move, I found a box with many of the Barbie clothes my grandmother had done. The discovery has inspired me! I would like to do with today's new Clothing fabrics for my Barbie doll. What could be better than handmade doll clothes? They are hard to find in this day and age, or because people do not have time for sewing as it once was. As I started to create beautiful clothes, all those who saw themwanted to buy them so I added them to my craft shop online. I could not believe the response. I received many e-mails to people who told me beautiful stories of their mothers, aunts and grandmothers who hand their clothes doll when they were children. Then I heard that back in the hands of the doll clothes for the families of today could be the beginning of new traditions and help create good memories and gifts that could be passed down through generations. In aworld where everything is so commercialized, back to its basics with Barbie reminded me of a wonderful period of my childhood. Now, to be able to give that gift to others is a true joy.

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Style Consultations – Get Your Clothes to suit your personal style

Your personality is what pulls your whole look together. It 's your personality that dictates your style, that is your personal interpretation of fashion and dress as you like.

If you ignore your personality and buy clothes just because they are the latest must-have fashion or the latest trend is lost identity and your eyes will focus and your personal signature style.

As a result of this you do not get better value for yourinvestment purchases, because you try to copy something that could be a lot about others, but it is not right for you. The clothes you wear and how to wear them are affected by factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, environment, budget, culture and personal preferences.

As you progress through life, you will change your eye many times. Knowing your personality style will allow you to feel comfortable in your outfit, whatever the occasion. Personality types can be divided intosix styles – remember that many have a combination of two types due to different environments and lifestyles (work and play, work and the mother city and country, etc. ..).


This group finds it difficult to dress down and mixing their wardrobe but have always preferred to look elegant, clean and tidy. The Classic buy the best quality you can afford even if they are not very fashion-oriented prefer to stay with the combinations of occupational safety andhome.


These women understand how to dress appropriately and will buy quality styles today, but keep their look with the latest trendy accessories, hairstyles and make up. They will also take their wardrobe for different occasions without much effort, because they know what it suits him.


A unique look is of great importance to them and they will spend time and money shopping for an interesting and unusual shops in the markets. They are great atmaking interesting combinations of colors, textures, fashion accessories and issues together. Creative people do not think of convenience or investment purchase when buying clothes, but more of how this makes them stand out – their goal is a kind of look.


They always want to make an entrance and wear a wow factor. Dramatics always buy and wear the latest fashions, even if it does not suit them, because they only need to make abut as the first statement and to have the latest fashion is of great importance.


They prefer a casual style and comfort is of prime importance. Every aspect messy and fussy styles are opting for simple lines and their clothes must be low maintenance. An easy relaxed dressing with minimal effort is their signature.


They love luxurious fabrics and beautiful women, things and adore or details like bows, ruffles, fringes, etc. Romanticslike the idea of dressing up and planning their wardrobe for any occasion, event, or a day to wear daily.

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Money Making Facilities clothes

We are looking for ways to make a few extra bucks these days, but did you know that you can make money ironing clothes. Now, iron your clothes is not my favorite chore, but it's a pretty easy job especially if you need extra money.

Most of the work I've seen have been ironing clothes on Craigslist. Craigslist is a free site that offers classified individuals and companies to post jobs and free concerts. I used them to find all typesjob to make money including clothes iron.

Here's how. Visit the Craigslist.com and choose the city that is closet to six (there are over 400 of them). Then you want to check the concert section to find people who are taking any iron or wash their clothes. Some people hourly wage ($ 8 – $ 12), but I've seen too many posters who will pay for each piece of Clothing, usually around $ 1.00. When applying for a job be sure to ask detailed questions as ifyou can iron your clothes at home or if they want to do it at home. Also ask if you are required to have your own supplies or if they have an iron and ironing board that can be used. I prefer to take my iron right at the concerts, because I know that is high quality and one of them does not stain clothes.

Ironing clothes is a great second job to make some extra money, because you get to be your own boss. You can pick and choose the jobs you wantaccept and work is relatively easy. I also enjoy board on money so I can listen to my iPod or watching television at the same time. It 's almost like a moment of relaxation, except I'm getting paid for it!

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